Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Park it like it's hot

I have accumulated over a 1000 photos during the trip to TAS. Rather than upload all of them i'll leave the photos of the show to the pros. Let do a walk through the parking lot of TAS to see what the locals drive. I only got pictures on Friday. Saturday was rained out, and that was actually the best day to see all the cars. Enjoy.

The trucks:

I wonder if he suffers from little man syndrome.

Here's something I didn't expect. The front license plate frame is from Cabe Toyota. I wonder if he knows Herb.

The wild ones:What is it?

Z32 trying it's hardest to look like Ferrari

4dr Sedans:

It looks just like Hiro Sumida's car before he painted it Falken colors. Also love the use of R32 and r33 wheels.

The wagons:

Sporting the American Racing Wheels with white walls, my hat off to you sir!

The imports:

Gas mizer vs. gas guzzler

The heart beat of America!

The K cars:

Notice it's size in comparison with the Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6)

The rest of the galler is here.

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