Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love that 86

With many of the shops and manufacturers showing off their goods for the newer model and high class vehicles, it's always good to see there is still some love for the 86. Check out this titanuim header by Greddy. I don't know the price of it, but i'm sure you'll need to surrender a nut just to own this piece.

Even HKS at their 35th anniversary booth had their sport exhaust for an 86 on display. Though it's a 2nd version sport exhaust, it was still cool to see. Anyone old enough to recall their first sport exhaust had the dual "machine gun" tips.

If I had room in my bag for these pieces I definitely would have snagged these up. As AE86 becomes older, the making of parts are left up to privateer shops and smaller manufacturers. It's always good to see some places like HKS and Greddy still represent.

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