Sunday, January 27, 2008

Finding the right tools

If you choose automotive as a career or a hobby, you gotta have tools right? Borrowing the neighbors tools will only go so far. Most rookies start off with Craftsman tools cause it does the job and the price is reasonable, it's what started with when I first started out in the industry. Sears is also in every major city so if it breaks you have a place to go to for a replacement. But when you start using high end tools you can really appreciate them, something I didn't do initial due to price. But since I don't wrench for a living any more I still like to get my hands on the high end tools. But it's hard chasing the tool truck around, looking for a couple tools that you hope he may have stashed in his truck. Or I could go on each tool makers site and order from there. But either way it gets expensive really fast. And I'm cheap, so I've started scouring places like ebay, swap meets and garage sales for tools. Sure it's used but it does the same job. Lately I've been dealing with Carl who sells tools at swap meets and ebay. A really nice guy with awesome prices on used tools. He carries names like Snap-On and Mac (which I prefer). So take a visit to his site or if you're a Southern California local you can also see him personally at the Long Beach Hi Performance Swap Meet at Veterans Stadium

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