Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Go Riva Go!

I've got the scooter up and running. It even starts on the first try, or least it on the second for sure.

Bought a new battery for cause the other one didn't hold a charge when I attempted to charge it.

Tearing apart and cleaning the carb. No I didn't do it on the dirty concrete floor. I made sure I swept the floor. Even though the carburetor was small, cleaning all the passages was a tedious task. But it's not uncommon for crap to clog passages and jets. It's probably the reason for the hard start problems when cold.

We have life.

The brakes work o.k. at the moment, they probably need to be replaced soon. The wire harness has corrosion inside the terminals, which I could try and clean but would be a headache. Easiest would be to replace the whole harness. I probably won't be doing these things anytime soon, since I really need to get my car up and running.

I'd like to give thanks to Jeffery Street's website for having the information needed to help me figure all the issues. Cause I'm too cheap to buy a service manual.

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