Thursday, October 1, 2015

JCCS 2015 Fo' Sho'

Visiting car shows is not a yearly pilgrimage, for me, unlike others in this automotive game.  Just seems boring see same cars and people year after year.  So when I can't remember when the last time I went to a JCCS show it's about time.

But the show is never a disappointment.  Bring out some really nice examples of well kept old school japanese tin.  Though I do prefer more of the stock/ mildly modified vehicles at this show, since there’s always the hot import nights and such for those with a more wild look.

Don't recall ever seeing is motorcycles at the past events.  But they had some really nice examples out on display.

My all time favorite is the Honda Motocompo.  I’ve been wanting one of these for quite some time.  Having dreams of tossing one into the trunk of the Grey Wolf to put around in downtown.  One day i'll own one.

It's Motra, not Mothra.  This would the apocalyptic get around vehicle. Just needs a rocket launcher.

  Nissan 510+ American Racing Libre wheels= old school racer.  Some styles should never die out.

  Yes, you too can now own an old Nissan Skyline.  Ask how.

Let's put this in a museum so that no bandwagon/fan enthusiast will lay their dreams of initial d/drifting  hands on you.

Hmm sparkly body work.  Must be choh dog's cousin.

  Hoshino Impul G5 racing wheels on a Toyota?!  To some people this is known as blasphemy.

  I'm digging the purple.  Stance is strong with this one.

Red vs. Blue, the Mazda edition.

The rest of the pictures are here
JCCS 09-15

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