Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Enter the Neo

80-90 Neo Classic

As the 80’s Japanese cars enter their mid 30’s, the people who brought you the Japanese Classic Car show, have done it again, with the Neo Classic Car show.  Bringing out the next generation of Japanese classics from the 80’s and 90’s.  I figured it would be cool to check 80’s cars with side markers and fuba antennas and 90’s cars decked out in ridiculous amount of stickers and colored vinyl interior.  But that wasn’t the case.

Since 80’s and 90’s era of Japanese tin was the theme, the cars were arranged to reflect that trend, like Darth and Luke.

80-90 Neo Classic

The Mazda RX7s


The Toyota MR2s.  Early MR2 with 15 in. SSR mesh rims with magnetic key lock, reminiscing of the early 90’s street racing days.

80-90 Neo Classic

The Honda/Acura.  It was nice to see a few cars that were left untouched.  Like this Honda prelude on the left. 

80-90 Neo Classic

The Mitsubishis.  Clean and rare 92 Galant VR4 making an appearance.

Though I did see some interesting themes

Work shoes

Work shoes?  Not sure what’s going on here, maybe it’s an HIN thing.

Look ma no turbo

Look ma no turbo.  Definitely not joining the bandwagon and slipping on a ginormous turbo.  It does sport a gorgeous set of headers.

80-90 Neo Classic

Low rider meets fast and furious.  The turbo housing had some nice pattern work done to it, which I thought was amazing.

80-90 Neo Classic

Early Celica kaido themed racer packing 4 more cylinders under the hood.  Even though it’s covered up by the engine cover, it’s a tidy engine swap. 

I seem to have missed the Nissan/Datsun crowd.  Gomenasai

This year’s inaugural event was held at the Toyota corporate headquarters in Torrance Ca.  As for next year who knows, since Toyota will be moving to Texas.  Maybe it’ll be down the street at Honda Corporate. 

Click at the photo below for the rest of the pics.

Neo Classic 2015

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