Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Macross World Convention 2013

Just like my 80's Corolla, I like my 80's anime.  Macross is tops on the list next to Robotech.  After missing a few years, I finally remembered to mark the calender for this event.

And like last time, it never disappoints. 

Personal collections were very impressive.  Something I don't even want to get involved, it's bad enough I collect too much car stuff.

The static model competition had some fantastic displays.  For me, it was a tie between

Max's Zentradi disguise

and the battle damaged Valkyrie.

The cosplay competition was pretty good.  Then again I've never been to one, so I didn't know what to expect.

Roy looks like Sebastian Vettel

Lots of good art work on display also.

Guests at the event included
Mari IIjima with an awesome performance

Artist T. Nonaka. 

Q & A session with Hidetaka Tenjin.  He does alot of the Valkyrie art work.  And his work is amazingly awesome.  He also provided some pics of the Macross museum.  Oh yes a museum.

Only in Japan for a limited time. 

Event was much bigger and better than the last one I attended a few years ago.  Can't til the next one, if i can remember.

Now for the rest of the photos here.
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