Monday, October 14, 2013

Rare Club4AG

Back in the early days of Club4AG, parts for the AE86 was difficult to come by.  If you wanted some cool parts, you had to look to the other side of the pacific, Japan not China.  One of the big things at the time was doing 20 valve swaps.  The only down side was a proper header or lack of.  But Moto from Club4AG contracted Techno Spirits boss Kumakura san to a make couple headers for the left hand drive cars.  I forget how many went into circulation but I do remember 16v and 20v versions being made. 

 The tag is long gone, but only the few who have seen them originally will knows it's origins.

Here's the reason why it stop by the shop.  The O2 sensor mount finally gave up and now there's a big gaping hole.  Like all things rare, it shall be mended so that it may live another track event.

 Upon closer  inspection, a crack has shown itself on the right side of the hole.  So it needs to be eliminated completely.

With the trusty die grinder and carbide bits, eliminating all the sharp edges and the pesky crack.  Now it's looking really nice.  Shouldn't too much trouble from this hole.

 Now for the patch.  I probably could have gone the other way by cutting it out of sheet stock and pounding it into shape.  At least this way, it's got the right radius and will just need to welded.  You maybe thinking , 'what about the o2 sensor?'  Well it's been relocated farther down stream similar to the TRD header. 

Now it's ready for some action.  Oh yeah get some..
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