Monday, October 21, 2013

Making a tire rack

Attempt #1
As cool as hording tires can be, it's a pain trying to navigate through the garage.  So I went to home depot, bought some wood and built a quick and easy tire rack.  It didn't make much of a dent, yeah I own lots of tires, I decided to try  my hand at carpentry.

Picked up  8 sticks of 2x4s for this project.  Getting a design down was a must, so that one doesn't not come up short, or end up with overstock.

Grabbed the ol' saw and got down to cutting the lengths.

Started with the platforms the tires will sit on.    I do recommend buying wood screws rather than nails to build.  It's so much easier.  Stupid nails.

 Adding the uprights.  This don't look too bad. 

 It's starting too look like a working tire rack.  Check the new quick grip I picked up at home depot.  Much better than those c clamps.

 Let's see how it works.  Not too bad for a rookie.  Looks like I may take up carpentry. 

 Job done, but mission not yet accomplished.  Still got extra tires laying around, probably need to make another rack.  Yea I horde too much.

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