Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The W-58 project starts

Since completing the ball joint replacement, I feel like I'm on a roll.  It got me motivated to work on the french lilac special.  And that fact I've been really neglecting it for quite sometime.  Both in terms of driving and maintenance.  One thing I've been wanting to do is upgrade the transmission.  So out goes the semi-pathetic T-50 and in goes the it's larger cousin, the W-58.

W-58 on left, T-50 on right.
I was (still am) hesitant to switch to the W transmission, since it's heavier than the T-50.  About 20 lbs. more according to the trusty bathroom scale (70lbs vs. 90lbs).  But having something more reliable, when bangin' the gears and clutch, on the track outweighs the need.

ACT on left, ORC on right
With the larger transmission, I decided to go ahead and use a sexier clutch setup.  Previously I used an ACT HD pressure plate, with a street disc.  For me, this was one of key components in having a transmission last with aggressive driving.  Since it didn't 'shock' the driveline as much, I didn't break many transmissions.  Hence saved alot of money.  Kind of like when I switched to Geico. j/k.

Since installation and removal is done complete solo, removal was straight forward, since I done this many times before.  But installation proved to be a bit more difficult.  I found that the extra 20 lbs to be difficult to bench press especially under the tight confines of the car. One of these days i'll get a real lift for the garage. 

Ahh yes, very close to completion.  But why does it the shifter look like it is off to one side.??   It's due to the Filipino designed bell housing.  Designing housings and San Miguel beer do not mix very well.  But it's o.k. since the car is left hand drive, the tilt to the left will bring the shifter closer to the driver.

 But this only the first part of the project.  I still need to design and build a transmission crossmember to complete the mounting.  It's just strapped into place for now.  Also need to find the correct drive shaft, since the one I received is on the short side.

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