Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tired Joints

As old red gets old, things are bound to get loose.  So it's no surprise that the ball joints have finally decided to let go.  Actually they've been gone for a few months i've just been putting it off for a while.  I was hoping to get the shop to do the work, cause i'm too lazy to lift a wrench.  But such is not the case, since they were busy all day.  So i'm had to spend my labor day doing the job myself.  Well if you want something done, gotta do it yourself.  At least I know it'll done right.  And if I screw up it's all me.  Damn, I need someone too blame if something goes wrong.

 In order to be successful I needed to remove the lower control arm.  Didn't have a ball joint press which would have cut the necessity of removing the lower control arm.

 But I do have a hydraulic press in the back, it's very convenient to remove and install the ball joints.

It sucks I always gotta scrounge around for adapters to make it work.  The first one wasn't so hot.

  But the next one was a success.

After about an hour of hard labor and busted knuckles old red is feeling better and much more solid.  Look ma no more steering wheel shake.
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