Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like a bad sequel of the sequel

This has been going at a real snails pace.  Cars been up on jacks for 3 weeks now and I still have not finished.  Being a nitpick really doesn't help here either.  But since i decided to re-envision the transmission mount, it's taking another weekend of thinking and sketches. 

Never was really sure how I wanted to do it, I tried to search the net for some positive ideas, but I went on my own on how i wanted to assemble.

Last weekend I just barely started on redoing the base. 

Did some chopping and grinding of some tubes.

Cut up bits of metal to round out the rest.  And patiently tack the bits together.  Sounds like I should be on a cooking show making some ridiculous entree.

This is pretty much all that was accomplished for the weekend.  Pretty lame, usually I get stuff done much quicker.  What kind of irked me also, was the base started looking similar to the previous one in design.  I think why did I even bother trying to reinvent it.

But the project was cut short.  Every now and then I get a call from people who's car seems to be kicking their butt, so my expertise is required.  So I lent a hand in tackling this little project.  Some blood was spilled (mine), but in the end victory was mine.

Next weekend this long term project should some to a close. I hope.

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