Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gettin the shaft

Last epsisode, I was left hanging with the incorrect drive shaft. So I tried searching the net, for some leads on a driveshaft. But it seems no one had one for sale.  So I headed out to the yard to try my luck. I guess I was pretty lucky that weekend. Not only did I find the car, early 80's Toyota Celica, it was ready for removal. Didn't have to go under and get dirty. I should have played the lottery.  But I was content with the acquisition of the driveshaft.

Here's a comparison of the driveshafts i've acquired so far.  Top is from 83 Toyota Celica, middle is what I received and have no idea of it's application.  The last one is from my Corolla.

Celica center bearing.  Doesn't not fit AE86 chassis
Had to swap center bearings, since the mounting brackets are different between celica and corolla.  Luckily it wasn't rusted and came off very with a slight tap from a mallet.

Now it was time to tackle the mounting bracket for this beast.  First I chopped up the crossmember that was installed on  the W transmission.  Added some material to box it all together.  Wasn't great looking but I'm sure it'll do job.

Mounted up everything to see how it's going to look. 

I began looking at different angles to see how the rest will shape up. 
   After staring at it for quite some time, i've decided I really didn't like it.  So I'm going to try a different route.

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