Monday, July 11, 2011

Adam Carolla and 3 other guys

Since Adam's demise at Top Gear USA, he has gone on to host another car show, called The Car Show (that took alot of thought). I wanted to check out the show, so I attended one of the taping sessions this past weekend,to see what this has to offer. Let me tell you, don't expect Top Gear from this show. The show comes in on a different tangent and right up in your face. Very different and very raw. But then it kinda reminds me a car version of The View. But i'd rather watch this show. Leaving know no stone unturned the show let's the audience their true feelings in the automotive world. Adams potty mouth even takes a wack at the Corolla GTS. If you're a gear head or have any interest in cars and have an open mind, it's a show worth checking out. If you're thinking out side the bun, this show maybe for you.  Check it out July 13th on Speed.  At least they're starting to have more car related shows, instead of cooking and talent shows WTH?!
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