Monday, July 25, 2011

Fixing the EGR

One of the problems, with ol' slow n dirty, was the NOx levels were on the high side. The problem may mean the egr wasn't functioning at it's fullest. 1st test was to pull vacuum on the egr valve itself. If it has a poor idle characteristics then it's functioning correctly, check. Next is to check the vacuum modulator to see if it's functioning correctly. Refering to the service manual for this one. Lastly cleaning of the EGR pipes and valve.

This ended up taking longer than expected.  The EGR bolt broke and I ended up removing the exhaust manifold to remove the bad bolt. Luckily I had a spare bolt in the back, accumulating hoarding parts for these cars over the years is finally starting to pay off.

Hopefully all the sweat today, will pay off with a pass grade at the smog station.
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