Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A party for J. Mac

Good friend and old corolla buddy Jony M. is getting married this weekend, during the carpocalypse carmageddon no less.  But before that happens, a must was party held in his honor to celebrate that last few days of being single before stepping up to the responsibilities of married life.

So you may think boobs and beer will be the order of the day.  Not quite for a bunch gear heads, let's get on some tarmac and battle it out in Torrance.  So a small private competition was held at K1 Speed, with some electric go karts.  Never drove electric go karts before so it was definitely and interesting experience.  Though I really was terrible at it, I must say i'm hooked on it.  And must return another day whenever I need to fulfill my need for some turns and tarmac.

After some fierce competition, we were all quite spent.  So Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles was in order.  And it was very good, actually too good.  Stuffed myself so much I started to suffer from food coma and was barely functioning.  But yet there was one more to stop left.

Karaoke time, dunno why, can't sing and have no rythm.  But there was sake in these little bottles to round out the day.  Lots of fun after that.

A day well spent for an awesome guy.  Congratulations to Jony and his soon to be wife Athena.

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