Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yard hopping: not again.

 I never really like going to the yard much, but when you need parts, it was now a must.  And it seems i've been on a binge for a few weekends.  So this past weekend, I stopped by the Pick a Part on Katella ave. in the city of Stanton.

Looking for the W series transmission parts needed for my swap. But low and behold, an old Mazda 808 coupe sitting here. Since this was pretty much the piston powered brother to the Mazda RX3 many parts are interchangeable.  This here is 1976 model, it was in pretty bad shape on the exterior, most of the body parts are either taken or been beat up.  The interior faired a little better.

Since old yella is in need of some parts I scavenged what was left.

I came away with a few parts.

Old yella will someday be back on the road.

Unfortunately, there were no W transmissions to be plundered. As usual, what's up with that??
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