Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exploring the Bay

I've been up to the Bay area few times, but this is the first time I decided to stop and smell the salty fresh air.  My first time in the bay was when I was in a ROTC shooting competition at the Presidio, that's so long ago.  Unfortunately, we were restricted on base and couldn't get out to explore.  Other recent times I've been here, was for either participating track days or watching the races.  Once it was over I immediately headed home.  Since I was here for a friend's wedding, I made it a point to take in the sites.

One of the things of i've always wanted to do was drive the Golden Gate Bridge.  Just one of those things you can say 'Been there done that'.

Also walked the bridge, I don't think I'll do that again.

The architecture of the houses is also very unique at least since it's so different from my neck of the woods.

The Hakone Japanese garden.  Nice place to visit costs only $5 to get in.

There was a photoshoot going on.  Lots of sexy going on there.

 The mansion at Villa Montalvo.  By next year, this mansion will be 100 years old.  A  nice place, but it's not haunted.
 I don't normally look for winding roads, but when I do it's very hard to resist. I found this nice winding road, on my way to the Hakone.

The hills are so steep here, I wonder if transmission shops make a killing with rebuilding transmissions?

 One place I didn't go was Alcatraz.  Maybe next time.

Visited the Apple headquarters.  Them people who make the ipad, iphone, and idunnowhatelsetheydon'tmake.

 Since a friend of mine worked, there he invited me to grab a bite to eat at the commissary. I had an apple, it was delightfully good.  I guess cause it was organic.

It's finally nice to actually see the bay area up close and personal instead of from the freeway while going home.  As usual the trip was short, but it was enough, until next we meet.

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