Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Suislide Girls Drift

After some wholesome break in time at the dyno.  It was time really test Barney and it's cleaner emitting tune.  Signed up the the Suislide Girls drift event at the balcony at Willow Springs Raceway.  It's cheap, low number entries and there's girls.  But they didn't have any tattoos as far i'm aware of, but they do like to drift.

Unfortunately,  tune wouldn't allow it to go full boost.  And since I failed to bring my laptop to diagnose the problem, I decided to cut it short since partial boost is no fun.  Bummer since I was so looking forward to seeing how the car drives, it's been too long since the last event.  But all wasn't lost, now that I'm regulated to being a spectator, every track was full of cars to watch and enjoy.

At Horse Thief Mile, Just Drift was having round 2 of the Top Drift competition.  The paddock area was really packed with cars, looks like it'll be a interesting competition.  But at least it wasn't chock full of V8's like at Long Beach.  

Carlos C. makes drifting look easy.  Though it could be due to the VTEC inside.

Speed ventures was having a session at Streets.  A wide variety of cars at this event.

From a classic 240Z show off it's sports car status.  British racing green on Japanese car, I like it.

To a rarely seen Lamborghini.  Usually these cars are either parked or cruising Santa Monica.  Cause it's easier for the owners to chase tail than tarmac.  I'm just hatin' but if you or me had the car i'm sure we'll be like them too.  Two thumbs up for the owner who got the balls to bring this bad boy out.

The POC (Porsche Owners Club) was having a good old fashion pow wow at the big track.  One day I'll have one and join these guys.  It'll be a black 964 turbo and i'll name it blackbird.  It will shoot flames and be fearsome.  Like this one

This was my favorite of the day.  Who doesn't love the Gulf scheme.

The day was full of eye candy.

But to add insult to injury, after returning home, did a quick check of the tune and some how I must have tweak the map on accident and it pretty much cut my fuel before max boost.  Damn one little key swipe can ruin one's day.  C'est la vie

For the rest of the candy please go here.
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