Monday, April 4, 2011

Another do over

For some reason, I can never be satisfied with the suspension. Kinda like owners who can't seem to hold on to a car for at least 3 months, i'm already back changing my suspension.  As cool as the car looked, the hella stanced look just doesn't cut it with me when I need it to perform more than to look tiite.

Thanks to Clarence for selling me a pair of housings.  This time I plan to cut the housing down 20mm.  The other setup was 50mm down cut.  It was acutally fine when using the Koni inserts, but since then I changed to TRD short strokes.  This limited the upward travel of the shock.  Even when the spring was maxed to it's highest setting it still was low as the above picture .  This was a no no for me since ground clearance suffers also.  I had to bang out the oil pan back to shape due to tapping a couple of berms at Streets of Willow during All Star Bash.

While I was redoing the suspension, I replaced the stock steering arms with modified ones.  Didn't do the psycho ones like Hibino.  These retained the stock length, so that i won't have manhandle the steering.  These reduce the ackerman so I should gain a little bit more angle and less drag in opposite lock.  I'm not sure how these will before since my this is mainly theory and many computer generated sketches.

Since the housing will be longer than the shock, spacers will be needed.  If you ever tore apart OEM Corolla shock housings, you've probably see one of these.  I don't know what they call them, but one thing I do know is that they make great shock spacers.

And there's enough to make quite a few of these in different lengths.  Maybe I can start selling them?

Rock stuck in my rotor.  Not exactly sure how that happened.  BTW cross drilled rotors suck.  But can mean the difference of being a winner or first loser fo' sho'. 

As with all the struts I do, always add a bit of oil to keep every cool and tidy.

Sorry no pictures of the end results since the car is now on the ugly list for impersonating a 4x4.

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