Monday, April 11, 2011

Let the rumble begin.

Being the motorsports spectator that I claim to be. The season of motorsports is in it's early blossom and I must head out to the smell of race gas and burning rubber.  I love the rumble of the V8 with cars tidy paint jobs.  But thanks to Steve C. for the ticket, I am able to fulfill my motoring passion.

Yeah Long Beach for the season opener of Formula D.  It was sunny but a very chilly day, some people think since my people are more tropical I wouldn't cope.  But then again, spending the early years of life in the east coast made me immune to this sort of thing and having bear fat helps too.

What's an import event without cute ladies.
I believe the last time I was here was when friend Colin F. made his debut here a few years back.  I can't say i've followed drifting as much as I used to, since it moved in a direction that didn't quite tickle my fancy.    Or may be it's because i'm getting' too old and enjoy it the way it used to be.

Though it was great to see friends who have moved up sucessfully in the ranks, and to catch up with the new things happening.

As the action started, I notice many cars are now piling on the extra cylinders.  Didn't matter if they were foreign or domestic, quite a few were sporting V8 power.  If you closed your eyes you'd think you were in a NASCAR event. In the early days the majority of powerplants consisted of 4 slugs.  Now the standard is Government Motors issued 8 cylinder engines.

Hasselgren inside
Honda F20C
But there were a few dedicated 4 bangers still representing like John R. Taka A. and the Norwegian Hammer Fredric Aasbo.

Indiana represent
Even more rare are the rotaries of Kyle M. and a chap from Indiana sorry I didn't catch the name. 

Usually when I go to these these events, the driving was never really impressive.  Always looking more like text book runs and nobody really wanting to push the limit.  That day I ate my words.  This was definitely was one of the greater events I have gone to in a long time.  Drivers like Matt P. and Fredric A. were putting down some fantastic runs.  Showing everyone why they are Formula D drivers.  Truely impressive work by these drivers.  At the end of the day I was feeling satisified, well almost

The day wasn't complete without dropping by Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles.  The last time I was here, the food was bad.  They must have changed the recipe around, cause it was definitely much better this time around, actually it was fantastic.  Unfortunately, my lifespan has been shortened by 8 months.

Now go here for the rest of the photos
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kOOpA said...

FC driver from Indiana is Midwest Drift Union 2010 series champion Mike Feiock ^^