Monday, April 18, 2011

AE86 Nights 4: the saga continues

photo by hbomb @ club4ag
Spring is in the air and what better way to start it off with AE86 Nights meet.

Some who know me, know that I rarely go to meets.  If I do it's usually a meet at the track. But last year I attended the AE86 nights meet and enjoyed checking out the cars and meeting other enthusiasts.  And actually caught up with a few old cats that I haven't seen in years since all this rwd this and that blew up.  I showed up late and but there were a few diehards left to meet and greet. But from what I heard it was a large showing.  Made me disappointed that I didn't show up earlier, but what can you do when the tax man is expecting his papers to be shipped out by Monday
photo by hbomb @ club4ag
photo by hbomb @ club4ag
This time I decided to swing by earlier to catch glimpse of some of the early birds. Unfortunately, I was not equipped with a camera, with the exception of my phone, major fail on my part.  It was great catching up with people and chatting up with new ones.

Unfortunately, the event was cut short because of a complaint.  The parking was so packed it just overflowed so the locals had to cut it short. You may think bad of the police/security people for cutting short of a harmless meet, but back in the day, it wasn't an epic house party until the police showed up at your door. This was no exception.  Definitely worthy of being an epic meet.

But for those who stopped by Karlo's corner, your evening was only the beginning..

Thanks to the AE86 nights gang for their hard work and putting up such an epic event.

photo by hbomb @ club4ag
I did steal alot of photos, so if wish it to be removed please email me.  But please let me use, I beg you.
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