Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Temple of Doom

Warning to all who enter this car?

After trying to meet with some people unsuccessfully earlier saturday morning, I swung by the shop to say hi and ask the chief on machining some parts for me. Unfortunately for me, the wagon of doom comes back to haunt me. I thought it was done and been received by it's owner. But I guess it came for some extra work.

It has changed some since I last worked on the car.  But it seems to be a hit with the Toyota groupies at the shop, providing big smiles to all who ride.  The dark side of the force is strong with this one.  Just like myself, it's very difficult to resist the dark side.  And all who join never look back.

Not really feeling the fender mirrors, but i'm just not in to that style.  Even though it's from Japan, it's left hand drive and so it'll never truly domestic market.  Better off getting the deal.

Though I do like the minilite wheels.  It just gives off a slight european feel to it.  It's definitely better than stock wheels shod with 155 tires.  Might as well throw the car under a sheet of ice if you're using those.

Well I hope I don't see you again.  But for some reason i'll probably haunted by it for quite some time.

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