Monday, March 21, 2011

Dubya transmission

Realizing that putting together a 13B turbo transmission setup maybe a bit more money than I have to spare, I decided to go the dubya route.  Recently acquired a bellhousing to install the stronger W5X transmission into tired but still battle worthy barney.

I'm not sure who actually makes this piece, since they're are a few people who make these.  But I think this one is made in the Philippines

Also got a transmission from a non turbo MK 3 Toyota Supra, thanks neighbor i hope it's not a broken one.

Did some cleaning, since it had lots a dirt caked on to it.

Stripped drain bolt, luckily a hammer and chisel made short work of this stubbor bugger.  A spare T50 drain bolt fits nicely.  It's good to have a spare laying around.

It's not a 100% complete yet just need to get some custom stuff made, transmission x member and a clutch disc.  And get some parts at the ol' junkyard, transmission shifter and throw out bearing carrier.  Then I can run a more agressive clutch and actually run more boost without worry.

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