Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drift Day Comp.

Photo by Garage86 @ Club4AG

I could have skipped working on the car saturday to attend the last Nisei car show in Little Tokyo and stare at some T and A. Tasty pic don't you think? But hitting asphalt is like a drug. No matter how much I want to stop, I needed another dose. So working on the car was the first priority, for some Sunday driving.

Even added a new filter setup to replace the busted HKS filter.

Since I performed horribly the last 2 events, I needed some redemption on past performances. But for some odd reason after running fine the previous day, it decided not to start up once I got to the venue. It's like deja vu, the same thing that happened the week before AE86 comp. at least that time I was able to replace with my old setup and run it. I tried most of the morning to get it started, thanks to all who tried to help me out, but I gave up. Does the purple beast not like driving anymore? It seems to prefer being hard parked lately. Maybe I should have never taken it to TORC, now that it has a taste of car show life it probably doesn't wanna see anything but a show. But this driver was suffering from withdrawl symptoms and needed to feed the need of burning tires. Luckily Ray, was able to see I was in trouble and knew the cure. He was very kind to offer up his car.

An S13 with the nearly indestructible KA24.

It's not a corolla, but it'll do. Luckily, it was 4 lug so I slapped my wheels on and was ready to rock. I jumped in and realized my nuts were hurting. Not because of the small seat, but due to me growing such big cajones from driving a corolla.

I competed on the simple course in the morning, since ray was going to leave after lunch. It was an easy 2 gear course. Manji through a set of cones to a sweeper at the end. Before that I took a couple of spins on the skidpad to feel out the car. Like I tell people, 'it's a cheater car', very easy to drive and this one wasn't any different. My practice laps kinda sucked, but I knew where to improve upon. Once competition I did pretty good runs except for the last one, I spun out. Who cares I had fun. Did a couple of more spins around the skid to burn off tires. Ray saw that I was about to overdose and decided to have a spin with my tires.

This was the end result. Alot of camber killed the inside edge of the tires. A downside to independent suspension. But i'm cheap so i'll save these for later, the corolla will even out the wear.

Even though I was about to be hit with a moment of depression I was saved by Ray and his Nissan and for that I am thankful.

The costume of the science fiction character D...Image via Wikipedia

Since the event, I have felt a great disturbance. I hear a voice who calls himself Mr. K. He keeps telling me to join the darkside.

Here's a tip for the day. Old rice cookers make great turbo heat sheilds.

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Umai Kakudo said...

Setting up the correct alignment to fix the toe and camber curves will even out the wear (and give better traction) out of the rear tires on the '90s Nissan IRS cars. ;)