Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pro Am Arizona

The destination Tucson, Arizona, with temperatures hovering at the high 90’s dabbling around 100 and humidity that I only used to see when I used to live in the dirty south. Drift Association and Turn Style Drift held the next round of competition for Formula D Pro-Am qualifier. But you may ask why am I here since I qualified at Utah. I helped out Kat tow her car out to compete and to take photos on the side.

The event was held at the Southwestern International Raceway aka SIR. I wonder if a lot of Civics like racing here?

Kat putting on her game face before competition. I’m jealous cause she’s rocking the Recaro SPG bucket. I want one to replace my old ratty Cobra Sebring I’ve had for too long.

Everyone must follow the rules or else Naoki won’t be happy.

Hiro Sumida made a surprise appearance to judge with Taka. The day before, they were prepping their competition cars for a dyno session. Yet they still had time to come and judge the competition.

Taka setup a pretty fast course, which some of the local competitors weren’t expecting. But leave it up to Taka to setup a kick ass course.

Not knowing any of the local drivers, I was really amazed with their skill. The level of driving was really impressive as they were laying it down like pros.

This particular car caught my eye with consistent runs all day long. Toyota Cressida powered by a JZ turbo engine. With it’s sick wheel selection it looked great on and off the track. It just needs a bumper from BN Sports to complete the look.

Here’s something you don’t see at any drift event, Nissan 200SX chassis code S12. Known as Silvia from it’s birth home of Japan. Powered by the CA18DET. The driver was also very skilled made some excellent runs.

The only AE86 in the field is actually a real deal Japan import. Powered by a 4AGZE under the hood. The car sports N2 flares and a front bumper grafted from another car. Importing the Japan street style to the states.

As night loomed over me, I decided to quit taking photos since my camera sucks at night.

Thanks to Drift Association and Turn Style Drift for putting up an awesome event. And everyone else who helped with event.

Congratulations to all who competed and who qualified for nationals.

For photos click here.

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