Monday, July 28, 2008

Top Gear USA

Top Gear USA coming soon to an NBC station. For many American car enthusiasts, this is the long awaited show that has been cloned from our former masters across the pond, the British. I never watched a complete episode of the British version, only small snippets, so I can’t really compare it with the original. I was fortunate to attend a taping of the first episode this past weekend.

I think it’s a mixture of The Man Show (comedy wise no girls on trampoline here probably because Adam Carolla is the host) , Motor Trend, and any MTV reality show all thrown together. To keep its BBC roots they even brought over the original Top Gear producers to assist in the making of the American version. They pretty much kept many of the segments of the British version. Car reviews, The Stig, Star in a reasonably priced car etc. will be used. The main host Adam Carolla did a marvelous job and made the show very entertaining with his witty comments. Tanner Foust brings his knowledge of cars and racing to the table is probably the voice of reason in this bunch. Eric Stromer is the home improvement guy to give an outside perspective, we cars guys are always stubborn sometimes never thinking out of the box.

According to my friends who are more in tune with the British version really enjoyed the show and say it’s pretty much the same as the British counterpart. One commented that it was funnier, but that’s his opinion. You’ll just have to wait for the first episode. I can say that the first episode will be a good one. Hopefully, the rest of America will think so.

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