Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Restoration with AE86

As the years go by, many AE86 parts become discontinued by Toyota. With the popularity of the car with drift hooligans, and show car aficionados, the amount of original cars becomes less. I'm not knocking on anyone, but let's face it, Japan import cars, aside from the Z, doesn't have much of a following when it comes to restoration compared it's American counterpart. I still have a hard time looking for parts for my S124 Mazda RX-3/ Savannah.
I found some really awesome replica decals made by a Club4AG member. I must admit these decals are definitely the best knock offs i've seen so far.

Comparing these with the originals off my car it's it's very close to stock. Even down to the dots on the side door decals, which can't be seen in the photos.
It's unfortunate that Toyota has decided to discontinue parts, but hopefully there will be people who will step up to the plate and create parts that are worthy for use in restoration.

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aristo said...

I had an '86 GTS coupe that I got for $50 and a latte. Sometimes I think I should have kept it because the last time I saw it, the car was all clapped out with a nasty body kit and way too much bondo.