Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New but not New

Aeromotion has brought out an adjustable wing that provides down force at different racing situations. It’s very fascinating piece that’s for sure. The first adjustable wing was incorporated by Jim Hall and the gang at Chaparral Cars back in the 60's. What separates the early version to this current configuration is the use of a ‘brain’ to control the angle of attack during acceleration, braking, and turning. The driver doesn’t need to fiddle with manual controls, like the early Chaparral 2E. It's also split so to apply down force on corners of the wheel when needed. The wing is still in it’s testing stages so no solid numbers on the effectiveness of wing. With any new product there will be doubters as I’ve already been reading on Autoblog, but if you’re looking at every edge on winning, I’m sure this will be on the list.

Source: Aeromotion, Autoblog

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