Thursday, July 3, 2008

GT Live 6 Extra Crap

During the down time, when I wasn’t practicing or working on the car, I made some time to take some snaps of other happenings.

Taka hanging out with the locals. He’s famous in Utah.

Poor Choh’d had lost his phone. He was depressed cause he won’t be receiving any booty calls for a couple of days. But the track workers did find it and wrote him a friendly note. Utonians are so friendly.

They take friendly to a whole different level.

Choh’d oil temps were really hot +250F and couldn’t keep it cool for the whole event. They tried to make the cooler work better with this make shift duct. Unfortunately it didn't work so his day was pretty much over.

Cyrus was hot on and off the track so everyone did their part to keep him cool.

But she is even hotter.

Wish I had a better shot, of Naoki doing his impression of Deebo. If you don’t who that is, then get a copy of Friday.

Herb knows how to keep cool.

D.A. staff relaxing before the start of the event.

Before I returned home I had to stop by and pick up the awesome Alien Jerky. If you’re ever in Baker, Ca. stop by and check it out. It’s a bit on the expensive side but it’s well worth the money.

Overall, it was a great event. Everyone was really friendly and we got along really well. What really annoyed me was I had to pay to get in to the venue. It should have been stated on the site and/or added into the registration fee. It’s kinda like they’re nickel and diming me. There also should have a been a packet that contained wrist bands, parking permits, etc. I kept on going back to the main office, first to get tickets, then the parking permit. It’s like every time I return the gate keepers had something different I needed.

Well enough of me rambling let’s enjoy.

The End

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