Tuesday, April 29, 2008

West Coast Z Nationals

When Spring rolls around, so do the Zs. This past weekend was the annual West Coast Z Nationals, hosted by Motorsport Auto. I don't know which was the hotter, the cars or the weather. It was a great show of all kinds of Zs from very original stock cars, to Japan wannabes to out of the box thinking. I do love this show due to the uniqueness on how each owner represents their vehicle.

Some nice original example

A very unique rear engine rear drive Z. Powered by a Maxima VQ. A work in progress.

Some may see a rust bucket, but I see a survivor. Though I don't know how much longer it'll last.

Toyota 7MGTE powered Z.

Many twins were out were roaming the show.

Tastefully done cars to represent the Japanese market, they just need the steering on the other side to complete the transformation.

The 260Z, a rare but never fully embraced model of the Z. This was the smallest group at the show, but they did have cool a Japan FairladyZ equipped with the G nose option.

Probably the most unique engine i've seen at the whole show. Twin cam twin turbo L series engine. What makes this possible is the use of chopped up KA24DE cylinder heads. An engineering marvel IMO.

Yet another Nissan using Toyota parts. Roof spoiler from an MA60 Supra on a 280Z.

Z owner's rendition of the Mach 5.

Drag race Z31.

I didn't take too many pictures of the Z32 or Z33 models, so I just took group pictures.

Nissan Motorsport brought out their former IMSA race car. Very cool to see.Nissan also brought out their GTR. Soon to be reigning terror on the streets. This was my first time to actually look at this car up close. Very impressive, now if only Nissan will let me have the keys for a day.

There was a plethora of wheels from new school to old school.

Maybe the rarest wheel for a early Z owner. Z432 optional magnesium wheels. Please leave your flares at home. If you still don't know, it's the one in the center.

The Z, a classic that has made it's mark in America. It's good to see examples that have continued to defy the years, except for that orange one. For more pictures of the event click here.

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