Saturday, April 5, 2008

Specialist T #1

This is #1 in a new series i've decided to make, I call it SpecialistT. It's inspired by Murilee Martin's Down on the Street (DOTS) on Jalopnik. This was created to feature cars whose specialty is hitting the track days. Wheather it be open track, drift, or drag (though I haven't gone to a drag strip in years). They may not be HIN ready or swinging by a meet anytime soon, but they are here nonetheless to enjoy their pride and joy. And to lay the smack down on some unsuspecting fool.

First up is Rob's Toyota Corolla coupe. I met him at the Nopi Qualifier competing for a license. As much as I was able to observe, the car is equipped with very basic mods, which is enough for him. He did have alot of trinkets strewn about the interior. There wasn't too much specs on this car, actually I forgot to ask.

Full gutted interior, but no cage? A man with no fear i'd say. But isn't that a power puff doll hanging there?

He really seems to like bright colors check out his oil cooler. I'd recommend getting at least an aftermarket cooler, cause stock won't cut it. Very ballsy in my opinion

These look like 14 in. Western Mesh rims painted in a Tec Arts purple. Shod with Falken 912 tires. Low powered Corollas will prefer these tires for drifting.
I wonder what kind of radiator he's using. It must be and upgrade with this Arizona heat.

Homemade non functional rear spoiler. Rob got it from a friend, but doesn't know what car it came from. I do like it's subtleness, kinda reminds me of Moto's gze coupe which used a rear spoiler from a BMW.

Unfortunately for Rob, he was unable to secure a license for Nopi. Maybe we'll see him at the Pro-Am qualifier coming up in April. As for Rob's plans for later is to get out of the sun and move back to the windy city.

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