Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A little bit of Denmark

Took a trip to Denmark not too long, or should I say it's american copy.  A couple hours outside of Los Angeles, the town of Solvang is for those who want to visit another country but don't want or can't leave the country.  I'm cheap so I saved alot on the plane ticket

First thing when arriving at Solvang is to have Danish pancakes for breakfast.  It was ok but nothing really spectacular to write home about.

It seems phone booths are still quite popular here. 

Hungry for Denmark?

If you're into shopping and drinking they got lots of that everywhere you turn. 

Spotted some cool vehicles while roaming the town.

An interesting place to visit and to cross off that bucket list. When returning to Los Angeles, take the back roads home.  If it's not crowded, it's an enjoyable drive.

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