Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another type of charcoal

One thing about swaps is the need to make sure that all smog devices are transferred over to the receiving vehicle.  This time it's the charcoal canister.  A while back, I fabbed up a tray for charcoal briquets.  This time around were dealing with charcoal of the automotive kind. 

 Here's the differences between the later model canister (left) and the original (right).  As you can see fabricating a new mount will be a little bit more involved.  Why do they make these things more complicated?

 So back to the metal bin to scrounge around for some scraps.  After a bit of digging I think this setup will do. 

 A quick test fit of the new mount for the canister.

 The new home for the charcoal canister.  The new canister was originally located on the driver side of the car.  The owner requested to have mounted on the passenger side just like the original.  

The mount finally riveted to the body of the truck and the canister installed.  Had to extend some of the vacuum hoses and electrical bits. Almost ready for it's inspection.

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