Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A tray for coals

Small project for the last days of summer.  Broke out an old propane grill that's been sitting dormant for a few years. I'm too cheap to buy propane, and I think it's better to grill with charcoal.  Sorry Mr. Hill.  Since propane grills don't use charcoal, I decided to fabricate a removable  tray to hold the briquets.  So I can switch between the two fuels.

There's always extra metal scattered in the back.  So after a bit of chopping, cutting, and welding, I come up with a tray to hold the charcoal.

 After a bit of test fits and trimming, it's finally done.

Looks like it's working just fine.   The project went by alot quicker than expected, I need to make it more complicated next time.

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