Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Change of scenery

Spent a few days out in the Utah desert. Don't get to do this as often, but it's always refreshing when I do.  Helps clear the head.

Wearing proper foot wear is a must when doing super long hikes.  Converse is a no no.

Cascade falls wasn't too impressive.  But i'm sure after a healthy rain fall it's spectacular.

The rocks on the left is known as Thor's hammer.

A quiet lake. Feeling a peace right now.

Road block so people don't driver into the lake.

 An awesome view of the canyon, but the grand canyon is still better.

One of the many caves the are spread across the canyon.

For some reason I feel like jawas are about to jump out.

After a few days of hardcore hiking, it was time to return home.  On the way back, stopped by Nellis air force base to check out the Thunderbirds.

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