Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Red Velvet's axle

The next phase in the Red Velvet project is the installation of a 6.7 axle, same axle that's equipped in the Corolla GTS.  We could have stuck with the original, but the owner will be taking it out to a couple of autocross events.  Being he's a local champion, I'm sure he'll do well.

First was the removal of the original axle.  Bye bye weak axle and drum brakes.

 Pulled a 6.7 axle from the back and prepped for it's new life in Velvet. 

 Installed the axle housing for test fitment and to make sure it fits properly.  Koni shocks, love it already.

 Some of the hardware for the axle was missing so I had made do, by modifying some bolts to work.

Didn't have any spare disc brakes in the back, so coughed up for new ones.

 Brand new custom driveshaft just arrived

The 6.7 is definitely wider than the original axle that came with the car.  As you can see it fills the aftermarket fender flares nicely.  But the arches underneath the flares are unmodified and will make contact with the tire as makes it's first corner.

 So a little massaging of the rear arches was required.  It was a bit painful at first, but it was for the best.

 After a bit of paint, everything is reassembled.  Can't wait to go for a test drive.

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