Monday, March 24, 2014


It's similar to a RWD Corolla so suspension is pretty easy to setup, at least the front is easy. I don't really fiddle with these cars myself.  But old corolla owners who know me will swing by with their latest toy to get some stuff like this done.

One thing that's not really available is a good suspension system for these cars.  Just like in the early corolla days when there wasn't a full coilover setup available or costing too much.  We just went with the Ground Control coilover sleeve setup.  Nowadays coilover sleeves are flooding the market and can be had anywhere.  Thanks China.

But since this kit was actually made for AE86, the springs will not be used.  Luckily cheap used coilover springs can be found easily.  Thanks Ebay.  As you can see these hefty 12k springs will be used on project cressida.

After some chopping and grinding, the strut was shortened 25mm.  So that MR2 AGX shocks can be installed.  Not my first choice for a shock, but he's a corolla owner so it fits the bill.

The housing was still tall so a spacer will be needed to fill in the gap.  Luckily I have varying length spares laying around from other builds.

I prefer these over stacking washers, but either one works fine.

 After a little bit of paint, it's ready to go.  Maybe I should have painted it Drift Office green or Cusco blue.  Because everyone wants to tell their friends about their baller suspension.

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