Monday, March 17, 2014

Maiden voyage

Red eye, has finally taken it's first steps.  Revived with a transplant much better than previous.  It's almost ready to venture out into the real world.  But it wasn't without it's hiccups.

Cars that sit longer than they should always develop more problems and that just gives me a bigger headache.  Ol' Red was pretty much ready to go, but couldn't get it to stay fired up.  Going through all the checks I finally had to drop the tank to check for a cause.

Unfortunately the problem was at the start of the cycle.  The fuel feed tube was clogged with gunk and debris.  This due to the car sitting for so long that the gas and other stuff inside the tank decided to turn into a solid.  This clogged up the feed tube.

 Tried different things to try and unclog this mess, but I found that zip ties work the best.  Gosh I really love that stuff, next to duct tape.  Once I cleaned it out, threw everything back together and it fired up like a champ.  Note that the tank will probably need to be cleaned out since it's probably got rust and stuff.  But I didn't want to wait, getting too excited to drive.

Finally able to take it for a test spin after not running for 8 years.  But of course it's not without it's problems.  Besides the questionable fuel tank, the brake hydraulics with probably need to be replaced since it's been sitting dry for so long. 
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