Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Relocate the battery

 For the old KP Starlet, the battery is located on the passenger side of the vehicle (its the black plate on the left).  Since I'm using the factory u.s. spec 4AGE fuel management system (satisfy the smog nazis in the great state of commiefornia).  The air flow meter would be sitting in the original battery spot.  Rather than have it mounted in the trunk and lose space, it would be better that I use the real estate that's on the passenger side.

If I opted for the Japan MAP setup I could have left the battery in the stock location.  Or another option would be to route the intake and air flow meter to the driverside.  But the idea of having the pipe getting soaked in heat from the radiator didn't sit well with me.

With a couple bits of spare metal I had laying around, I whipped up a small battery mount.  I sized it to use the smaller Honda battery.

After some paint and grinding it's now mounted.  But I still need to get a battery.

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