Sunday, July 7, 2013

AX 2013

 The stench of anime nerds fill the air at the Los Angeles Convention Center, for the annual Anime Expo.  Every year I notice it gets more crowded by the long lines of people waiting to get in to the venue.

This year I was joined by long time AE86 enthusiasts/nerds Jonny M., Steve C. and Shelby A.  Even though it's an anime convention, we end up talking more about cars and racing than the event itself.

 MMM the smell of bacon wrapped dogs hide the musty smell of anime addicts sweating out in the hot July sun.

As usual the cosplayers come out in droves.  I'm always impressed by the level of craftsman that some have put in to their costumes.

 This was only a static model. 

 What's an anime event, without the ever popular K pop booth.

 Characters form Attack of the Titans,  Currently watching this on Crunchyroll and I must it's on top of the watch list.

Lots of figures on display for those who are interested in that type of stuff.

 I'm sure some of the old school anime watchers may know this character. 

 Mazinger Z (Tranzor Z in U.S.A. markets).  Without these guys then we wouldn't be standing here today. 

As with many good things, it must all come to an end.  Until next time.

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