Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Red's fuel system

 Setting up the fuel system for red October is pretty straight forward as long as you got a plan in hand and all the proper parts for installation.  Since i've done a few of these already, I knew what to do already. 

First, is the installation of the custom fuel line that I completed the fuel line weekends ago.  Had to tweak it here and there, but it was a good fit.  Looks so darn pretty in it's aluminum finish.

No custom return line was built, i'll be using the factory charcoal canister line for the return line.  The original fuel return was way too small to be used as a fuel return.

Some of you Nissan gurus you may recognize this little item.  Some call this blasphemy, but I just like to keep things simple.  No need for banjo fittings, or making flared lines.

After a little coercing from the stock fuel filter holder, the Nissan filter attaches quite nicely.

 The position of the universal fuel pump.  I think it's supposed to support 500hp.  Yeah it's over kill, but that's how we do it.

 The finally tweaks to the fuel.  It was a tight fit, but I got it to work.

 Now it's all done and ready to be primed.  I'm gonna need a battery.  Next time.

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