Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where to start

Now that I have Giant Red Star parked and have gone through what needs to be done, I come to conclusion it needs everything from the ground up.  But at least the engine is in and a hydraulic setup is done.  Too bad i'll probably need to pull the motor, and the clutch is only 30% done.  sigh.  Where shall I begin.

For now i'll start with the cooling system.  Since the powertrain is from the fanboy favorite AE86, i'll be trying to use as much parts from that chassis as I can. 

Digging through the back ,as usual, I found a radiator that I can use to mock up the mounts.  It's the top one.

Also had some extra metal to make the mounts.

After some measuring and mocking up, and some more measuring, the position of the radiator is where I want it.

 Then some cutting, drilling and a little bit of magic the lower brackets are installed.

 Once that was completed, the upper mounts were next.  Lots of chopping, fitting to get what I wanted..

The mounts need to be mounted differently on each side to accommodate the hood prop.  Wanted to make sure that it will be functional in it's stock position

 Add a dash of paint to make it pretty and to fend against rust.

 Finished, with the hood prop in it's stowed position, the mounts look like it was from factory.  I like it.

The day went by faster than I thought, I guess my brain is slowing down or perhaps I'm becoming a bit more picky on how I do things, so simple things are taking longer than expected.  But I'll just blame it on the heat.

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