Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mimic the line

 Next round for Red Robin is to work on the line.  The fuel line that is currently equipped with the car is dinky, meant only to supply a lowly 1.3 liter carbed engine.  Since the owner wishes to see triple duty of street, track, and maybe a little bit of show.  An updated line will be required.

Orderd up some parts from summit racing.

 Some 5/16 diameter fuel line

and a fuel pump.  It's supposed to supply a couple 100 horses, which is a couple more than what i really need for this 'stock 4AGE' but who knows, he may twin charge it.

To mimic the original fuel line, it's best to remove it from the car so that every curve and bend is close to the original.

Not too bad, notice the difference diameters.

Using aluminum line makes bending to shape a snap.

The aluminum finish makes it easy on the eyes.  Just need to throw those mirrors under the car when it's at the show for more points.

 But that was pretty much all I had time for Red Robin.

Headed down to the 909 to visit my long time friend Alex P. at the Battle Version shop for a farewell get together.  He's decided to close up shop and move back to the bay area.

 It was a bit nostalgic, like a Club4AG meet, since there was a bunch of old school Club4AG heads that showed up.  Some who I rarely see anymore.  It was great to catch with them and see how they were doing.

John Redcorn is that you?
It can't be an Alex P. party without the drinking games.

Maybe next weekend i'll get more bit more done.

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