Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New intercooler

Even though barney sits more than exercises, I try to get stuff done during it's hibernation periods.  This time around I decided to install another intercooler.  Though there's nothing wrong with the current setup at the moment.  Changing setups each year is how we do it fo' sho.

Ever since it's conception, barney used an intercooler from a 1JZ Toyota Chaser sedan.  It's a pretty good size and has done a phenomenal job over the years, can you believed I've had the setup since 2004.  But I figure it's tired and has gone through a lot over the years and deserves a rest.  Gotta give props to the  Toyota setup for soldiering on with all the nonsense I've thrown at it.  The new intercooler I acquired many seasons ago on a barter or trade, but never bothered to switch it since the current setup was working great.  But now that i'm bored and barney is bored might as well change it.

It doesn't have a brand marking and is probably of chinese decent.  But i'm not really concerned with that, cause when it's moving, nobody will be able to tell.  That's why I keep the hood closed at the show.

With the new cooler, I had to redo the piping and the mounts.  Since barney wasn't going anywhere, I had time to see where I could mount it.  Used card board to protect the delicate fins from damage. 

 Did alot of cutting and welding and redoing all over again trying different mounts.  Until I was at least satisfied with the result.  And the above pic was one I didn't use.

Tried a couple of different ways to route the piping.

 Also adjusted the oil cooler mount a little bit  It wasn't 100% what I wanted, but I was working on a little bit of a time constraint, so it would have to do for now.  It'll probably redo the oiling system at a later time, cause changing setups is how we do it fo' sho'.

 After a couple of weekends of work, it's now up and running.  Even though it's Chinese, I wonder if it's going to perform any better than the previous setup?  But no matter, it's quite the looker with them polished end tanks.  I'm sure to score some points at the show. 

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