Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fuel pump for buck fifty

I guess with a domestic auto, I should expect the fuel pumps to go out more often.  Back in my shop days, I'd always change out quite a few fuel pumps from GM trucks and vans.  Never really ran across Fords, hence another reason why I swayed towards the F150.  But now I eat my words since the pump on ol' red decided to bite the bullet, I guess in the end, it doesn't really matter who you get it from

The pump didn't give out so easily, a few weeks earlier I noticed some starting problems, which in most cases it fired right up after the second crank, pretty lucky that it didn't give on my trip to the grand canyon and las vegas a few weeks earlier.  But last week the pump decided to stop, which wasn't very nice, since I needed the truck that day. 

After banging on the tank a couple of times I was able to coax it into starting up and parked up the driveway, street sweepers was in a few days and the last thing I need was another ticket.

Tested the connection at the relay and fuel pump connector and concluded the pump was definitely rubbish.   Picked up pump and a filter from the local parts store so I can get to work on it this weekend. 

Also had to get some special tools to disconnect the lines.  Don't know they gotta make us buy more tools.  You'd think banjo fittings and flare nuts would be more than enough.

First thing to always do is remove the battery cable and relieve the fuel lines of any residual pressure.  It's pretty nice that Ford has provided a fuel port to relieve the pressure.

 Luckily the tank was a tad below quarter empty and was much more mangeable bringing it down.  I can't imagine trying to get this removed with a full tank ~24 gal.

Swapped out the bad pump with the new one (shiny silver one).

After assembling back together, the tank was drained out by using the new pump.  This will make it much lighter and easier to install.

Up, up and away it goes, almost done.

While I was working down there anyways, it was a good time to change the fuel filter.  Since i'm not sure when it was last changed, might as well start fresh.

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