Wednesday, October 10, 2012

86 FiESTa

Puppies are a great way to meet girls
 If you're into the FRS, BRZ, and the Corolla GTS (aka AE86).  Then you must know about the or at least heard about the 86 Fest.  Long time AE86 enthusiast and friend Antonio A.organized this event at the hella far California Speedway.  It had a little of everything to make everyone leaving happy.

First thing that caught my eye when I entered the venue.  A lovely pair of Levins.  A coupe and a hatch. Nicely done.

For those into the stancing life, they had you covered.

For those who like to dodge cones on the weekends.  Nice to see a clean cars like this 4 door E72 corolla, getting put through the paces. 

Even though it's not an 86, this BMW 2002 was one of my favs.  Just it's so clean and had a style that was unique inside and out.  But what's up with the single mirror?  Is it a european thing?

But if you were there just to gawk at the ladies, just take a look at Steve C's car with his new vinyl scheme.  It just oozes sexiness.

I met a couple of old friends as I wandered the event.  I was expecting to see a bit more old schoolers roaming, but oddly not many of them showed.  Overall, it was a fantastic for a first time event.  I hope to see it grow and get better.  Though it'd be nice to see a drift event or perhaps hold it at a track like willow springs or buttonwillow. 
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