Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Del Mar racing

Being that was the weekend before 8/6, I should be doing something for the purple crush or the gray goose.  But that's not the case for me.  I could have maybe joined Moto and his FRS cruise of Los Angeles.  But I ended up at Del Mar race track for a bit of horse racing action.

The whole office decided to make a trip to the horse races for a little bit of gambling and a whole lot of boozing.  Never been to a horse race, cause it never interested me, but if they're covering booze they don't need to ask twice.

It was pretty crowded and lots of people were dressed to the nines.  It's dress to win or at least look like a winner.  Me, a t shirt and and jeans thank you.

If you really wanted to enjoy a place like this betting is a must.  Even though my work mates explaining how the betting works and how to use the program to decide the winner of each race.  I ended up using my gut and picked who had the coolest name.  With names like Comical Kitty and Fighting Hussar, who were each race winners, at the end of the day I ended up with a 60% win ratio.  Not bad for a rookie. 

Even though I had alot of fun, not sure i'd go back again.  I guess I still 4 wheels over 4 legs.

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