Monday, August 20, 2012

Cooling Buttercup

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A few months back I ordered and received and radiator from China.  After many distractions and over coming my lethargic tendencies (technical term for laziness), i've finally got around to installing the radiator into ol' Buttercup.  As much as i'd like to keep the retained the factory components,  the original radiator was already giving up the fight.  I had radiator fixed many summers ago and the shop informed me that the radiator was on it's last leg.  They did mended it as best they could.and I was able to use it for many years of enjoyment.

 Now time for business and the first thing on the agenda is the removal of the old radiator.  It was quite hot, so did some rearranging of parts, I moved the car into the garage.

Upon removal, I see that the old radiator cracked along the edge of end tank.  But I won't throw it away just yet.  I'll see if I can get fixed at a later time.  Original radiators isn't something readily available.

Since turbolicious purple haze was chilling, I decided to liberate it's electric fan.  It's because I didn't want to spend money and was impatient. Didn't want to order it and wait a couple days since I have everything coming together.   But of course i'll replace it later, don't want the haze being down for too long.

Digging around for surplus metal.  The brackets to hold the fan are being created.  Even though it would have cut the installation time to minutes, I didn't want to use the through the radiator mounting kit.  Since it messes up the cooling fins.  Also having the weight of the fan hanging on cooling tubes isn't a good idea in the long run.

After some drilling, welding, and bending the brackets are completed.  I did paint them later so they look more tidy.  Now the fan can unbolted whenever necessary. 

The radiator finally finally mounted in Buttercup.  It mounts about an inch shorter than the original.  Not sure if this was a Chinese mistake or purposely made it this way.  No matter I'm satisfied, at least it's in and close to completion.  Just need to wire the fan and drop in some water and it'll be well on it's way.
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