Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cars & Coffee

Usually the only time I ever wake up early on a weekend, is when I'm headed out for a track day.  But this time around I'm up at the crack of dawn to check out a car meet.  I've always heard of the Cars & Coffee meet always seen on many blogs, but never got around to checking it out for myself, until now. 

The first thing I saw upon my arrival.  A very new Chevy Camaro, with a very wide body, very large wheels and very West Coast Customs

The meet had all sorts of flavors to satisfy just about everyone.  How about this Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9.  This is a true wolf in sheeps clothing.  It's a euro spec version (the headlights aren't those ugly dot spec 'round eye' lights) imported directly from the father land.  30 years later, it still looks fantastic.

The very first M car.  A BMW M1 makes an appearance.  Never seen one up close before, probably may not see one again. 

Trying to make Toyota Corolla taillights look cool by tinting them.  If my Corolla was as pretty as this Lotus Esprit, I'd tint my taillights too.

Words to live by.

When the world come to an end in December or if the zombie apocalypse happens, this is the vehicle to be in.  Has everything thing to survive out in the wilderness.

When you think K car, some maybe think of those little Japanese cars like the Honda Beat or Suzuki Cappuccino.  But for Americans, this is what we get, Chrysler LeBaron Turbo.  Look stylish and go fast too.

A very interesting meet.  It's a  must for any automotive enthusiast. 

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